The ocean breeze.  Crashing waves.  The butterflies of excitement. Violin music floating through the air. Engulfed in love, surrounded by family and friends. Tradition is present.  Two cultures combined. The squeezing of hands.  The stolen glances.  Words spoken from the heart. Mr. and Mrs.  Sealed with a kiss.  Bonded with a hug.  Now together as … More OUR WEDDING DAY

The Sweetest Liar

Armando is at it again…lying to me. When I do a grocery store run, Armando often yells out to me as I’m walking out the door, “Buy me a treat!”.  And when I come back, I always have something for him.  So the other day when Armando was leaving to pick up some things we … More The Sweetest Liar

Just Because Gifts

Got some bee-u-teeful flowers today!!  Nope, it wasn’t my birthday.  Not our anniversary.  No celebrations of any sort on this day.  And no, these are not Armando-trying-to-get-out-of-the-doghouse flowers.  He brought them home today for me, Just Because. I love those gifts.  No special reason, other than he was thinking of me.  Don’t know how I … More Just Because Gifts