Just Because Gifts

Got some bee-u-teeful flowers today!!JustBesauseFlowers  Nope, it wasn’t my birthday.  Not our anniversary.  No celebrations of any sort on this day.  And no, these are not Armando-trying-to-get-out-of-the-doghouse flowers.  He brought them home today for me, Just Because.

I love those gifts.  No special reason, other than he was thinking of me.  Don’t know how I got so lucky, but those are the best gifts ever!

I would love to buy Just Because gifts for everyone.  I would prefer to not feel obligated to buy gifts on those predesignated gift days, such as birthdays or Valentine’s Day.  It feels like a requirement to buy the gift and you end up racing around and finally deciding on a less than perfect gift, just to meet the obligation. And then it doesn’t feel like a genuine gesture.   I would rather buy random gifts for everyone.   When I come across a gift that is perfect for someone, I want to buy it and surprise them with it for no reason, in that moment.  I don’t want to buy it and then save it for their birthday day to arrive because by then, the gift may have lost it’s sparkle or relevance that it first had when discovered.  I think that giving a gift on a random day is more genuine because it shows that you truly thought of that person and that it wasn’t because it was their birthday reminder on Facebook that made you run out to buy the gift.  And the surprised reaction you get from the person receiving a gift from out of the blue is just so rewarding.

The unexpected Just Because gift is the perfect way to brighten someone’s day.  On this cloudy Port Moody day, my day sure lit up! Smile

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