Coffee Connections – Am I a coffee drinker?


Coffee cup with latte art of a smiling face with a heart on the forehead of the smiling face.

I am not a coffee drinker but I love coffee.  I came to this conclusion the other night as I was lying awake at 3am. Lying wide awake because I drank coffee that night.  At that very moment, I was hating coffee.  Now it’s true that I don’t normally drink coffee except for those times where I will treat myself to a yummy, I-don’t-even-want-to know-the-amount-of-calories-in-it frozen coffee piece of heaven in a plastic cup.  But, Armando had made a comment that night that he is one of the few people that can drink coffee before bed and have no problems falling asleep.  My competitive nature kicked in and I quickly downed a cold coffee drink we had in the fridge, just to prove to him that I could do it too.  Well, 3am and Armando was victoriously snoring next to me as I lied awake, cursing the coffee.

But then my mind started to wander and I soon realized that I don’t hate coffee.  In fact, I love it.  It creates these connections with others.  Memories are made over coffee.  I love the social aspect of going out for coffee and I have coffee to thank for that.

The second date I had with Armando was at a house that was converted into a coffee shop, where we had coffee drinks and held hands for the first time.   It was at a coffee shop in my hometown where my divorced parents both met up with Armando and I to have their first sit down visit with this new guy in my life and the opportunity to put him in the hot seat.  Many travel memories I have with Armando include coffee shop visits from the cute, shoebox-sized cafe in Waterton National Park, Alberta, to the so-expensive-it-made-my-jaw-drop outdoor cafe in Paris.

Coffee has given me so many memories of times with Armando, friends, family and even times when I was alone, sitting and reflecting on life.  No, I don’t hate coffee.  I love it.  Just not at 3 in the morning.

UPDATE: I am now a coffee drinker. It was my energy-sucking job (to which I am no longer at, btw) that forced me to become a coffee drinker…I needed something to keep me awake and my brain alert in my mentally-draining job. However, Armando would still not classify me as a coffee drinker.

When Armando asks me if I want coffee and I pause and think about it, he quickly states, “You are clearly not a coffee drinker. A coffee drinker would never need to think about it. They know immediately whether or not they want coffee.” Well, I guess I will compromise and label myself as a part-time coffee drinker, full-time coffee shop loiterer.

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