Nagging for a Date Night

Armando planned a date night the other night.  Before all the         “Awwwwws” start and the “He’s so sweet” fills the room, he doesn’t get full credit for it (but I will give him most of it).

Lately, I’d been feeling neglected. Everything else had seemed to become a priority but me.  This of course, was me just having a pity-party for the most part but I also know that it’s easy to put your significant other on the backburner because they’re the ones who will understand your hectic days.  I get that.  He works hard.  Full time job with tons of travelling.  He’s also doing his MBA.  But summer break was coming up and I was excited because we were going to get some quality couple time back for the summer!

But then with summer also comes BBQs with friends, trips to see family, group camping trips, weddings, etc, etc.  And with only a few weeks left before his MBA started up again, I was still waiting for our one-on-one time.  Just the two of us.  Reconnecting…with no smartphones, iPads, laptops, TV or people to distract us.  I needed that.  All couples need that.

Dinner @Lupo

After a few not-so-subtle hints, he figured it out and the other night, he drove me around, jutting in and out of streets to both surprise and confuse me of where we were going until we finally arrived at a quaint,modern Italian restaurant in a converted house called Lupo, near Yaletown.  He even planned ahead and made reservations! We enjoyed an absolutely delicious meal, just him and I.  No phones.  No people.  Just the two of us.  And it was great.  Just what the soul needed.

That’s why I love him.  Not because he took me out to a cozy, romantic tableside but because I love spending time with such a thoughtful, charming man.  Date nights remind people of why and how they fell in love in the first place.  And as we sat next to each other, sipping wine and sharing stories and lingering glances, this date night did just that.

Do you think it’s too soon to start nagging for another date night? In love

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