Outdoor Movie Romance…who needs a Chick Flick?

Armando and I love movies.  And I am one of the luckiest girls alive because he loves to go to chick flicks with me.  He will never admit it but I know he enjoys them; the duplication of romantic comedies in our combined DVD library attests to that.  I think it’s the romantic Latino side of him that appreciates a chick flick.  And he is smart enough to know that girls love a guy who will sit through one of these movies without complaining.  To all you other guys out there who haven’t quite mastered the appreciation and benefits of chick flicks, I’ve found another solution for you to step up your romance.


Armando and I just discovered the Outdoor Movie Nights that are happening in the GVA (and other parts of Canada) this summer.  FreshAirCinema is a company that sets up a large outdoor screen in a park area and then plays a popular Hollywood movie for all to enjoy.  And the best part…it’s free!  Yes, free.  You grab your lawn chairs, blankets, snacks and loved ones and set up camp in front of the giant screen.  And for those must-have-popcorn movie watchers, there is a vendor on location popping fresh corn for $2 a bag.

We attended the showing of Back to the Future at Rocky Point Park in Port Moody yesterday with friends.  The movie started at dusk (shortly after 9:30pm) as stars started popping up in the clear night sky above the picturesque Burrard Inlet as I sat on a blanket, leaning back against Armando’s chair as he leaned forward every now and then, hugging me to keep me warm.  Who needs a chick flick when you’ve got this romantic setting?  Are all you chick-flick-hating guys taking notes out there?  Take your girl to one of these outdoor movies this summer.  Guaranteed brownie points in the Romance Department.  You don’t even have to spend your pay cheque to impress.  And if they happen to be playing a rom-com, suck it up.  Who knows, you might actually enjoy it;  and she’ll love you for it.

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BC Outdoor Movie Event Listings:  https://www.facebook.com/OutdoormoviesBC?sk=events

For Outdoor Movie Event Listings in Other Provinces:  http://www.freshaircinema.ca/events.php

For those winter nights where taking your loved one to an outdoor cinema is not an option, light some candles and watch one of the many romantic movies available on Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/ca/browse/genre/8883.

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