The ocean breeze.  Crashing waves.  The butterflies of excitement.

Violin music floating through the air.

Engulfed in love, surrounded by family and friends.

Tradition is present.  Two cultures combined.

The squeezing of hands.  The stolen glances.  Words spoken from the heart.

Mr. and Mrs.  Sealed with a kiss.  Bonded with a hug.  Now together as one.

Congratulatory hugs.  Cheers.  Genuine happiness radiating beyond.

Celebrating with drinks and laughter.  Stories shared and cherished.

The first dance.  

Old and new friends.  Family and new family.  Dancing the night away together.

The last dance.  

A star-filled sky.  Beautiful end to an incredible day.

A moment of bliss, never to be forgotten.

Eyes closed, the memories return and my heart feels full.

The best day ever.

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