To Hug, or Not to Hug, That is the Question.

I need to teach my family how to hug. We are a Canadian family with an Eastern European background.  We hug when necessary…we hug “hello” and “good-bye” when we don’t see the person often, and we hug….hmmm???…well, it’s not an everyday occasion.  So, I think my family might be a bit overwhelmed come December, when … More To Hug, or Not to Hug, That is the Question.

Ironing 101

Oh dear, please tell me how I am going to tell Armando that I just depreciated the value of our new condo today with one stupid action? It centers around ironing.  I hate ironing actually.  I don’t iron.  The ironing board that I contributed to our collective household items sits in the closet, practically new.  … More Ironing 101

Just Because Gifts

Got some bee-u-teeful flowers today!!  Nope, it wasn’t my birthday.  Not our anniversary.  No celebrations of any sort on this day.  And no, these are not Armando-trying-to-get-out-of-the-doghouse flowers.  He brought them home today for me, Just Because. I love those gifts.  No special reason, other than he was thinking of me.  Don’t know how I … More Just Because Gifts

Coffee Connections

I’m not a coffee drinker but I love coffee.  I came to this conclusion the other night as I was lying awake at 3am. Lying wide awake because I drank coffee that night.  At that very moment, I was hating the coffee.  Now it’s true that I don’t normally drink coffee except for those times … More Coffee Connections

176 days left

I had a dream the other night that woke me up in a panic.  No, I wasn’t being chased by some axe murderer, nor was I being haunted by creepy ghosts and ghouls. I hadn’t bought my jewellery yet.  Now, wait, wait!!  Let me finish…I’m not some shopaholic gal who’s worst nightmare is her credit … More 176 days left