Getting Married! But Where?

I’m Canadian.  Armando’s Mexican.

We live in Port Moody, BC.  Being new to BC, we have a small group of friends here.  The rest of our loved ones are spread across the rest of Canada, USA , Mexico and beyond.

After the first few weeks of engagement bliss, we realized, “Oh yeah, we have to plan a wedding!”.  But where to have our wedding?  That was the dilemma.  Canada or Mexico?  After weeks of discussions, we arrived at these conclusions:

– no matter where we’d have it in Canada, the majority of people attending the wedding would have to travel because everyone is just that spread out.  We decided that it would be too difficult to play host to all the out-of-town guests, aka. Everyone!  Yes, we would be playing host to everyone in Mexico as well, but Mexico has a great thing called All-Inclusives where the resort looks after everyone!

– Mexicans require visas now to enter Canada so we didn’t want to make our Mexican loved ones go through that process.  There was also the possibility that visas wouldn’t be granted to everyone, and we didn’t want to take chances.

– Some of our Canadian loved ones had a definite preference, “Well, if we have to pay for a trip to Vancouver, we would prefer to spend it on a trip to Mexico in the dead of winter!”

So Mexico it was.  But where in Mexico?  That created a dilemma in itself.  If we had it in Mexico City, then we would have to have a big, traditional Mexican wedding.  Something neither of us wanted, the “big” part anyways.  Some of my family are not well-traveled, so San Miguel de Allende, logistically, would create some difficulty.  If we had it in the Mayan, it would be too expensive for most, that time of year.  If we had it in Huatulco, limited flights were available.  And so on and so on.  In the end, we chose Los Cabos.  It was the best choice, based on all the variables, for most parties involved.

I never dreamed of my wedding day.  I never planned out a big wedding scheme in my head.  I never wanted to have a big-hoopla.  I always said, “If I ever get married, I’m going to have a destination wedding on a beach!”  Simple.  Fun.  With just the ones I love there.

And that’s what I’m getting! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Getting Married! But Where?

  1. Hello
    Nice words and I’m glad the wedding is on the beach and you’re so so happy I love you and I have also knowledge Armando loves you with all your soul then I’m sure will be very happy and I think we will be very happy families to be in that beautiful moment with you two kisses and best wishes

    1. It was the most beautiful perfect day! Thanks for asking 🙂 We had so much fun with our friends and family. We had it at the Holiday Inn Resort in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. The hotel was so accommodating with our requests that we got the wedding we had envisioned…actually, they made it even better than we had envisioned!

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