Planes, Ferries and Automobiles

A whirlwind of friends these past two weeks…I’m in a blissful state.  Armando and I are still in the process of “making friends” in our new city so fortunately for us, the last two weeks took us by sea, sky and road to see the cherished friends that we were missing from afar.

First Stop:  Seattle – Armando had to work in Seattle for a week so I drove down with him for the trip.  He used to live in Seattle and was looking forward to meeting up with old friends between his busy work schedule.  We enjoyed dining out with his amigos throughout the week and I experienced the amazing “Happy Hour” menus around the city.  And, I’m not talking just drinks here…the food menus and prices are out of this world!  A must to experience.  We also went with his friends to a college football game.  Wow!  The marching bands, the cheerleaders, the fans.  Just like in the movies!  It was a fun-filled week and a great time spent with Armando’s friends.

Second Stop:  Calgary – Armando was traveling with work again and found a great seat sale that I took advantage of and joined him.  It’s been over a year since we moved from Calgary to the West Coast so I had some long overdue visits to fit in.  I gave my friend, Kim, two days notice of my arrival.  I’ve known her since grade two…now that’s friendship!!  Love her to death.  And, the amazing friend that she is, she Facebook stalked me during that two-day period leading up to our arrival and managed to contact my other Calgary friends, surprising me with a last-minute wedding shower!  Was so great to see many of my friends there, and on such last-minute notice too!  I sure felt loved that day.  The rest of the time in Calgary was filled with lunch and dinner dates, catching up with all my dearly missed friends.  Another great week!

Can I just spend my weeks visiting friends everywhere?

Third Stop:  Salt Spring Island – We love taking the BC ferries and this was going to be our first visit to Salt Spring Island.  A friend that I have known for years moved there a year ago with her family.  Her husband grew up on SSI so he was the perfect tour guide.  Tons of laughs were had over the weekend and it ended with what Armando called, “The most amazing view of the BC Coast that I have seen so far!”  A view from Mount Maxwell.

Distance may separate us but true friendships keep us close.

Thanks friends.  What a great two weeks!

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