Prairie Snow Memories

Whenever Armando sees snow, he’s like a little kid.  He can never pass a sheet of newly fallen snow without stomping his feet in it, making his mark on the smooth surface.  But then again, he never grew up with snow, living in southern Mexico.  Snow is still a novelty to him.  Me, on the … More Prairie Snow Memories

Name Change Confusion

Do you remember as a little girl, laughing and dreaming with your friends about what your name would sound like if you married your friend Bobby?  Or what about marrying that cute boy in Math class?  As girls we would giggle and cringe at some names we hope we didn’t end up with and practise … More Name Change Confusion

Hockey Sister

I’m a Hockey Sister alumni. Growing up during the cold Manitoba winters, I would make a beeline to the car from our house nearly every weekend to avoid the cold, brisk air that would make my nose an instant Ruldolph red, as we headed to my brother’s hockey game.  In my dad’s shiny Malibu car … More Hockey Sister

To Hug, or Not to Hug, That is the Question.

I need to teach my family how to hug. We are a Canadian family with an Eastern European background.  We hug when necessary…we hug “hello” and “good-bye” when we don’t see the person often, and we hug….hmmm???…well, it’s not an everyday occasion.  So, I think my family might be a bit overwhelmed come December, when … More To Hug, or Not to Hug, That is the Question.