Where’s the Bacon?

Armando’s a breakfast guy.  He usually has omelette-style eggs with ham, veggies and lots of cheese or his Mexican breakfast of quesadillas with cheese, ham and hot sauce.  I got lucky because Armando has assumed the role of Breakfast Cook, really, by default as I don’t do breakfast.  I will usually have my protein bars or a healthy, homemade cereal mix of nuts, seeds, grains and fruit as I am suppose to limit my egg consumption.  But, I will occasionally treat myself to Armando’s breakfasts.

While shopping at Planet Organic one day, I came across bacon that contained no nitrates so I thought it would be a great treat.  I love bacon!!  But it’s not the healthiest of choices so we had never really bought it before.  Armando decided to make breakfast sandwiches for us with it and said that he was going to have 2 sandwiches and asked me how many I wanted.

“Just one breakfast sandwich, please.” (Notice my politeness?  Don’t want to take chances on losing my wonderful Breakfast Cook)  🙂

A while later, I went into the kitchen to see how breakfast was going when I saw 3 piece of bacon on a plate.  I asked Armando where the rest of the bacon was.

“What do you mean?  I thought you wanted one sandwich…one bacon for your sandwich and one piece for each of my sandwiches.”

What?!?!!?!!  Did Armando actually just cook 3 pieces of bacon?!?!  Who does that??  He thought I was insane when I explained to him that you cook the entire package.  But upon consultation with others, he realized that it is not uncommon to cook the whole package and if you’re heart allows it, to open up a second.

A Mexican breakfast being cooked on the stove with a pot of beans, an egg frying and a quesadilla oozing with melted cheese.
Armando’s Mexican breakfast of quesadilla with extra cheese, beans and a fried egg.

I guess when he was growing up in Mexico, they had bacon but it was very expensive.  So they would only eat one or two pieces each…it was unheard of to cook the whole package.  Makes sense.  And with that, he never really acquired the love of bacon that myself and almost every other Canadian has.  But in being open to new things, he decided to embrace the bacon and recently bought another package to try out this past weekend.

This time, he cooked half a package…he still has a ways to go.

Embrace the bacon Armando!

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