Pizza in a Box

Let me share a secret with you…

It all started when Armando and I first started dating.  We were out all day and then decided to finish off the evening with dinner and a movie at Armando’s place.  But Armando’s fridge was empty and we were so hungry at that point that we didn’t feel like shopping for groceries and then prepare the meal.  So Armando came up with a suggestion.  Why don’t we get pizza?

I love pizza!  Great idea.  Where should we order from?

Armando then proceeds to tell me how he loves this frozen pizza that he buys at Shoppers Drug Mart down the street.  What??  Frozen pizza…from a drug store?!?!  Was not what I had in mind but being a good sport, I agreed to his idea.  So off we went for a walk to Shoppers as Armando continued to explain that it’s not just any frozen pizza that he will eat but it’s specifically Dr. Oetker’s Ristorante thin crust pizzas.  And, he buys them from Shoppers because they are usually on sale there.

Dr. Oetker's Ristorante thin crust Funghi Pizza that was cooked on a pizza stone with the frozen pizza box in the background.

Seriously, once having my first taste of this pizza in a box, I jumped on the bandwagon with Armando.  It is so good!  Our favorite is the mushroom pizza (called Ristorante Funghi)…and I wasn’t even a fan of mushrooms on pizza until I gave this pizza a try.  Who’da thunk that frozen pizza could be so good?!

We try to avoid all processed foods, but this is the one exception that we make.  The funny thing is, the other day I overheard another couple in the frozen food aisle commenting on how that pizza was so good…the same one that we secretly love!  I guess that means that this is not just our little secret and I find comfort in knowing that we’re not the only ones with a love for pizza in a box!

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