Salmon, Swans and Navigation in Port Moody

The sun is actually out in Port Moody today.  A rare occasion this time of year so Armando and I headed out to enjoy a walk on this beautiful fall day around Burrard Inlet.

Along Inlet Trail, we often see ducks, seagulls, Blue Herons, slugs (eww!) and other regulars.  The last few weeks, we saw salmon swimming upstream.  What an amazing thing to see.  Talk about perseverance!  How they get to where they’re going is beyond me.  We’d watch until Armando’s patience wore thin.  Many salmon were no further ahead than when we started watching them.  At first, Armando didn’t see just how amazing these creatures are, questioning the big deal of them swimming upstream.  All he could see was sushi, his mouth drooling.  But then, I told him that if I plunked him in the middle of the ocean, I’d like to see how easy it would be for him to return home, ya’know what I’m saying?!  Truly amazing that they return to the same spot that they were born, spawn and then die.  Such a sad, yet awe-inspiring circle of life.

Salmon swimming upstream in Port Moody

Today, as we were walking along the inlet there was a white bird swimming among the ducks.  Oh, a seagull, I thought.  But as we got closer I realized that it wasn’t a seagull but a swan!  Armando and I both agree that we don’t think we have ever seen a swan in the wild.  And it definitely wasn’t a regular visitor to the area as everyone walking by, stopped to have a look.

Swan in Port Moody

After making Armando run home to get the camera, we snapped some shots and then l did some online research. I believe it is a Tundra Swan.  What a neat Saturday surprise!  Must have gotten lost.  Perhaps I should suggest that it looks into getting the GPS that the salmon use 🙂

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