Living Life (aka The Last Two Months in a Nutshell)

Life’s been busy.  I’ve been frustrated that I haven’t had a chance to write about all that’s been going on these last two months so I thought I’d give a quick rundown to catch you up:

– I’ve been working two jobs
– survived Christmas season (and even did some baking along the way…my belly proves that!)
– travelled to Manitoba in the dead of winter to visit family (learned that Armando’s brain actually freezes at a certain point as his usually superior navigation skills were lost in the cold)
– travelled to Mexico to visit the in-laws and attend a wedding
– lived through a colonoscopy (was actually the first time I was ever in a hospital as a patient)
– got stung with the three-week cold and managed to live with a husband that was sick for four weeks!
Ice Hockey– Armando and I played in an ice hockey game for the first time ever and no broken bones!
– had dinner with friends in a pitch-black restaurant (Dark Table).  No lights.  Couldn’t see a thing.  You are served by blind waiters.  You can’t see what you are eating, let alone see where your fork is.  Was quite the experience!
– got my Nexus card (do I see shopping trips to the US in the future?!)
– had my first Rosca de Reyes and didn’t choke on the plastic baby Jesus!
– went to Vegas and learned to play Craps.  That game is so addictive!  (hence, the two jobs that I’m working. haha!)  Just jokes 🙂
– got free upgrades and experienced flying in 1st class for the first time with Air Canada – did you know that behind those curtains they have ice cream and freshly baked cookies, baked right on the plane and served hot?!?!
– finally bought a coffee table (Armando has yet to finish putting it together.  First he has to learn to read Chinese so he can understand the instructions.)
– Armando and I celebrated our one year anniversary!  Where did he take me?  To the food court at the airport in Mexico City for tacos.  An anniversary that I will always remember with fondness and laughter!

And those were just the sprinkles on the cake during the last two months.  I have been busy and tired but I realize that that’s just proof that I’m living.  And life’s too short to not live.

Don’t stay stationary.  Keep on moving forward.  Happy 2013!!  May it be full of life!


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