Armando, Movember and other Hairy Talk!

My views on my husband Armando, and his Hair:

On His Chest Hair:  He was surprised to learn that I didn’t think that chest hair is “super cool”.

On Losing His Hair:  I caught him with our camera the other day, taking pictures of the back of his head and realizing, in horror, that there is definitely a patch of hair that has “gone missing”.

On His Goatee:  I love it when he grows a goatee but it’s always short-lived because he thinks he looks like a latin gangster and shaves it every time he has a trip across the border to avoid getting scrutinized.

On His Moustache:  Normally clean-shaven when attending important business meetings, he’s finding his inner-confidence to rock a 1970’s porn star moustache in the boardroom for the month of November in support of Movember, a cause to raise funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives.

Please support my husband in his effort to bring awareness to this great cause.  Please visit his website at and donate.  ANY amount will help and it’s a really easy and fast process 🙂  Thank you all for your support!

Armando’s Movember ‘stache on Day 8.

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