Winning the Game of…Marriage?

Armando left this morning for a two-day business trip.  He is the sweetest of husbands and left me these gifts to enjoy around the house:

Clothing tags on our couch.

Armando is infamous for leaving papers around the house. Receipts from his business trips live in our home wherever they may fall, be it on the kitchen table, the living room floor or even on our bed.  Clothing tags are no exception.  Even though there are four garbage cans in our condo, Armando still loves to leave them wherever he’s ripped them off his new clothes.  Today, it was on the living room couch.

Candy Wrapper on the kitchen table.

This candy wrapper has actually been siting on our kitchen table for over a week.  It was a gift Armando left me when he went on his last business trip.  I’ve been waiting to see how long it will take for Armando to put it in the garbage.  So far we are on Day 8.  I will probably crack before he notices and get rid of it myself.  Am I losing the game if I do?

Cell Phone Graveyard.

This was a situation where Armando was in complete panic when his iPhone died on him.  His phone is his lifeline and without it, he will spontaneously combust.  He frantically searched for all his old phones  and started charging them.  But when he got his iPhone working again, he just left the others in our dining area, two feet away from the candy wrapper, and they as well have been there for 8 days.  I’m standing my ground and making a point by leaving them there.  I will not give in…

Slippers in the Living Room.

You know, when slippers were being left all over the house and I would be constantly tripping over them, I got a basket to put them in.  The Slipper Basket.  Yet, this morning, I see these pair of slippers in our living room.  I do admit that they are so nicely lined up that it looks like he almost made an effort to be organized.  I’ll give him points for that.

Office light left on.

I look after the hydro bill so I am definitely the Light Police in our household and he’s lucky he’s on a flight out of the city now because his office light was nicely lit as I got up this morning and wandered past.  There’s no point in making a point with the light as he is gone for two days so I switch it off.

And I don’t want to trip over the slippers so I pick them up and put them in our Slipper Basket.  And I’m tired of looking at that candy wrapper and cell phone graveyard.  So into the trash the wrapper and clothes tags go and the electronics into my nicely labelled “Electronics” box in the closet.

I feel like I’ve lost the game.  But our house looks better.  So am I winning?  I guess a little compromise never hurt anyone in this game called Marriage.

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6 thoughts on “Winning the Game of…Marriage?

  1. Tamara ,,, Tamara ,,, you have way too much time on your hands —- it took longer to compile this article then to clean up the mess …. ha ha , dad has to put his two cents in …

    1. Well, I have enough trouble cleaning up my mess (as you know!)…it would be nice to not have “added” work to my list of “Things to Clean Up”…one can dream, or try to mold “The Perfect Husband” 🙂

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