Houseboating on Sprout Lake

Three birthdays, a wedding and a surprise proposal…what a great summer weekend it was!  Throw in some s’mores, houseboating, swimming, games, drinks and time spent with friends well, it couldn’t get better than that.

Seventeen of us got together and spent the last long weekend of the summer houseboating at Sprout Lake near Port Alberni on Vancouver Island.  What fun it was!

And we are off…our houseboat had a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, jacuzzi, slide, BBQ and sleeping accommodations for 12(or more)…that’s what you call “roughing it”!
On the first night, we all slept on the boat but for the second night we parked the boat on a beach and set up camp.
My husband finding his “zen” on top of the houseboat as we were all getting ready downstairs for the wedding.
The wedding.
The water taxi was given our coordinates and they drove the Justice of Peace to our location to perform the marriage.
The marriage and the unexpected proposal of another couple in addition to three birthdays…the weekend was full of celebrating!
S’mores and hotdogs by the campfire.
What a way to start the morning…so peaceful.
The narrow beach that we camped on was on a slope and our tent poles eventually gave in to the weight of our mattress sliding down…no more tenting for us this trip 😦
After a day of exploring the lake, swimming, fishing and extreme jumping off the boat we parked at another beach for our last night at Sprout Lake.
The magnificent moon.
The magnificent moon…again.
And again…the magnificent moon.
Eating warm, homemade pies by the campfire on our last night.  Not your usual campfire treat but oh, were they good!

Until next year, my friends…let’s hope these memories last us through the winter until we can houseboat again!

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