Rocking my Friday with iMovie

I think I am officially a geek.  As my husband went out to a party Friday night, I decided to stay at home and self-teach myself the iMovie program that I had never even clicked on to have a look at before that night.

I was going to be Steven Speilburg for the night and create a movie.  Armando pointed out to me that Steven is a director and that I actually wasn’t going to be doing what Steven does.  Okay, so I wanted to be that unknown person who puts all the movie clips together to make the finished product.  Geez…details.

The first problem…I haven’t really taken any video footage.  But, as I scanned my SD cards for random clips that Armando has taken on our trips, I managed to find enough to use to figure out the basics of this whole iMovie thing.

iMovie is not the easiest of programs to learn but I am quite proud of myself for actually coming up with a 1 minute and 35 second “movie” at the end of it all.  Thought I’d share it with you all…

I love iMovies!  Stay tuned…there may be more videos from me in the future. 🙂

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