TOMS Shoes = My New Travel Shoes

TOMS Shoes

I was in search of a versatile shoe.  A comfy, walking shoe that didn’t look too sporty.  Something that could be worn with pants or a skirt.  A great travel shoe that didn’t look beachy but could be worn on warm days.  A shoe that you could walk down cobblestone streets with during the day but then wear them out for dinner to a nice restaurant at night.  A shoe that would not torture my feet as I wander and explore as I so love to do.

That’s not asking too much, is it?  Well, with a little compromise, I found some.   Comfortable from day one.  I love them.  I just bought a second pair.  And every time I buy a pair, the company will make a second pair for a needy child in this world.  Cool, eh?!

They’re called TOMS shoes.  They are simple.  Real simple.  They are not going to last you for years though.  My first pair has already taken a beating in a short time.  But they fit the criteria that I was looking for and I’m actually contributing to a good cause while shoe shopping!  How can one go wrong with that?!

TOMS Shoes – great travel shoes and you get a shoe bag too! No more wrapping my shoes in plastic bags for the suitcase! My shoes are travelling in style!

TOMS Shoes are not necessarily the prettiest of shoes but who ever said UGGS were pretty?  Comfort is key.

3 thoughts on “TOMS Shoes = My New Travel Shoes

  1. These are very popular shoes in California – I have been looking for travel shoes as well, and haven’t really found anything that isn’t ugly and bulky, and isn’t an athletic running/exercise shoe…I didn’t consider Toms though! Have you traveled in these yet?? I would be interested to know how they hold up!

    1. My first pair, I wore for a full 7 plus hour day exploring Seattle and my feet held up but the shoes were starting to show wear. But, I had already been wearing them for a month or so around home. They are definitely not made to last if lots of miles are added to them but they just so comfortable and versatile and the price point isn’t so bad compared to other comfortable shoe options so I just bought a second pair that I will take on a 3 week trip to Europe (they’re the ones pictured in my blog!). Maybe I’ll take an after shot of them when I get home 🙂

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