DIY Anti-Theft Purse

I explained our whole Paris pick-pocketing dilemma in my last post.  And as we head back to Paris this week, I am determined to have a pick-pocket-free trip so I wanted an anti-theft purse.

Now, I could have gone the easy way and bought an expensive anti-theft bag that are made by the professionals.  They have zippers that lock and attach to the purse so they can’t be easily opened.  They have a slash proof shoulder strap and mesh wiring to prevent pickpockets from cutting the bag open.

Okay, call me cheap.  I decided to go with a DIY Anti-Theft purse.  Or maybe call me creative?!

What I was looking for:

– something light

– an inside zipper compartment

– a solid, across-the-body shoulder strap that could not easily be cut

What I was avoiding:

– an open-pocket purse with no zipper to close the main compartment

– pockets in the front of the purse:  those pockets can easily be stolen from because they are away from your body and can easily be opened

– shoulder strap with easy to unlock hooks or with a belt adjuster on it that can easily be opened and then snatched

What I bought:

DIY Anti-Theft Purse

How I modified it to Make it an Anti-Theft Purse:

DIY Anti-Theft Purse
Wristlet used as a wallet and attached to zipper of inside pocket of purse.

I bought a wristlet to use as a wallet.  I can attach the wristlet to the zipper inside the purse, that way, if the pickpockets manage to get my zipper open or slash my purse, they can’t grab the wristlet because it will be attached inside.

There is a zippered inside pocket that will hold my passport on those few times that I will need to carry it.  I will also keep my camera in there as they will have to get through two zippers before they can grab it.

There is also a zipper compartment on the back of the purse.  Because this compartment is against my body, it is more difficult to get into so it can be used as an alternative place to store extra cash, etc.

Carabiner Lock on DIY Anti-Theft Purse

Now for the main zipper, I am taking a carabiner clip and will attach the zipper pull to the strap so the pickpockets cannot easily unzip the main compartment of my purse.

Am I over analyzing a bit?  Perhaps.

As for the person who actually got pick pocketed on the last trip…well, he bought a money clip/card holder that is apparently safer than a wallet.  And I’m sure he will not be keeping it in his back pocket this time.  I suggested getting a wallet with a chain on it to attach to his pants, but he’s refusing the chain idea because he’s Chilango (someone from Mexico City) and should know better of how to safely move about in a big city.  Just goes to show that this can happen to anyone.

And on that note, if you liked the pickpocket video in my last post, check out this one!

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