Save the Dates or Elope?

If you didn’t get our Save the Date yet, it’s not my fault.

What is a Save the Date you ask?  I didn’t know either, until I got engaged and realized that I have no idea what I’m suppose to do to plan a wedding.

Me:  Can we just elope?

Armando:  What’s elope?  (Just so you know, he’s completely fluent and amazing with the English language, but there are still some English words that come up that he has never heard of, which thankfully, this was one of them!)

Me:  It’s when just the two of us go to the courthouse or go somewhere on our own to get married.  Nobody else.  No planning needed.

Armando:  No.  I’m Mexican.  We have two days of partying.  But I’m willing to compromise and just have one.

So now I have to plan a wedding, but how?  I was never the girl with the wedding binder full of ideas that I accumulated throughout the years like Monica in “Friends”.  And as the years went on and friends got married and then divorced and then remarried as I stayed stationary in Singlesville, the idea of the “Big Day” seemed less and less obtainable.  But now, here I am, planning my wedding and I don’t know what to do. So, someone directs me to  the Martha Stewart Wedding Website and I find out that there is a pre-invitation that you send to your guests called a  Save the Date.  It gives them a heads up of the wedding date and advises them that a formal invitation will be sent out later.  An advance notice.  Perfect idea for us since we have people from multiple countries that will need time to plan their travels.  Yes, let’s send out Save the Dates.

Do we make them?  Do we buy them?  Money and creativity were important factors so we decide to buy printable magnets where we would print our own design on them with a picture of us on it.  We could be on everyone’s fridge, and of course everyone needs another magnet!

Got my list done, my magnets printed out, enveloped, stamped and mailed.  Armando chose to do his own because apparently I wouldn’t know how to properly write out the Mexican addresses and they will get lost in the mail.  No complaints from my end as I am completely aware of how lucky I am that the groom-to-be is actually wanting to help in the wedding process.  He gets about half of his done and mailed out two weeks after me.

He finally finished his list about a week later, when Canada Post goes on strike.  So, the rest of the Save the Dates are hanging out in a Canadian mailbox as we speak, with their expensive International stamps stuck on them.  Remaining calm, I casually mention to Armando that we now have to decide on the formal invitations and get stamps for those to mail out in the near future, because that’s what Martha says.  And his response was….”Can we elode…elop…elad….what was that word?”

“Elope, dear.  The word is elope.”

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