Whirlwind Year in a Nutshell

So in the last 12 months, I left my stable government job, moved to BC with my boyfriend, started my own business, had my first almost snow-free winter (which I loved!), got engaged, became a first-time home buyer with my fiancé and moved again, closed my business, had a mid-life crisis, saw a career advisor to help me figure out what I should do with my life (which you’d think I would know by now, being in my 30’s) and then throw in a trip to San Diego, Whistler, Tofino and a campground somewhere that had too many rabbits (yeah, they’re cute but they produce too much poop!), 2 trips each to Manitoba, Seattle and Mexico, a road trip from Calgary to Winnipeg and then back west to Vancouver and that’s the last 12 months in a nutshell.

Going forward, I have to plan a wedding that’s only 6 months away, find a job, finish unpacking boxes, find a dentist and an optometrist to book overdue appointments, fit in a trip to Manitoba and get back on track to a healthy lifestyle so my butt can fit into my wedding dress.  Oh yeah, and I’d like to learn Spanish by Christmas so I can speak to my soon-to-be in-laws.

Hola.  Gracias.  Una cervesa por favor.

I’ve got the basics covered.  Good thing most of them speak English.  But I’d still like to learn, if anything, just to be able to understand what my fiancé is saying when he’s talking on the phone to his family and friends.  Is he talking about me?  Is he telling them about the amazing surprise weekend getaway that he’s planning for me? He better not be telling them about that stupid thing I did the other day!

Oh, by the way, his name is Armando. My fiancé. He’s the reason for this whirlwind year. He moved us out to Vancouver so he could do his MBA at the University of British Columbia. He encouraged me and supported me and gave me the push to fulfill my dream of starting my own business. He did the research, crunched the numbers and determined that we could buy a home. He then comforted me and stood by me when I decided to close my business. And of course, he proposed to me, down on one knee and all! Total surprise. Surrounded by palm trees and the Mayan Ruins. I love the guy and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next 12 months.

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