Port Moody’s Investigative Couch Reporter

So everything happens in three’s.

This week I have been questioning where we live.  We chose an urban area in Port Moody, thinking we can live the city life outside of Vancouver.  But, our urban area is close to the beautiful British Columbia wilderness so when we saw three bears a block from our home this week and then the following day, a cougar was also spotted one block from our condo I started to think our urban area wasn’t so urban.

Our urban village in Port Moody, BC

And then number three hit last night.

We saw a number of police cars and emergency vehicles pass our building and turn down one block down the street from us.  I could see the emergency lights flashing through the trees near the Port Moody Recreation Centre.  What was going on?  I wanted to go look, my investigative reporting kicking in after the excitement of my bear story making the news on many of the Greater Vancouver newspaper websites yesterday.  But my husband had no interest walking in the rain and I was too scare to go alone, you know, the bears and cougars and all.

So I resorted to twitter to find out what was happening.  Again, “yay me” as I appeared to be the first one to break the news on twitter.  Eventually, the true investigative reporters who leave the comfort of their home to get a story in the middle of the night tweeted that there was a shooting.

So not only do we have the dangers of living next to BC wilderness but we also have the reality of living in an urban area where there are possible gang-related shootings.  Lovely.

And for all those concerned that I am living in a sketchy, ghetto neighbourhood,  the Port Moody Police Chief said after last night’s incident that, “Port Moody is still the safest community in the Lower Mainland.”  (For those that don’t know the lingo, Lower Mainland is the Greater Vancouver Area and it’s surrounding area).

Thank goodness things only happen in threes.  Bears, Cougars, Shooting.  Now there will be no further excitement to report from my condo window.  I think my investigative reporting has come to an end.  But, I’m okay with that.  I’m ready to start writing about more light-hearted things again.  Hmm…maybe now’s a good time to ask Armando if we can get a puppy.  That would be some good, light-hearted material. 🙂

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