Bears in Port Moody

Walk on a treadmill at the gym or walk outside on a tree-lined trail along the ocean?

It kind of seemed like a no-brainer so I walked across the street this past Thursday to the trails near our home when I was suddenly confronted with this sign:

Bear Sign at Inlet Park in Port Moody, BC

I stood there for a few moments, processing the information.  May 24th.  Okay, that’s today.  9:30AM.   I looked at my watch.  So, that was an hour and a half ago.  Bear.  Somewhere around here.  Hmm.

I scanned the area and observed the following:

Me:  Second guessing my decision to trail walk instead of using the treadmill.

Everyone Else:  Ignoring the sign, happily walking through the woods.

Me:  Tensely walking along the trail as my head snaps from left to right, scanning the forest for any sign of movement.

Everyone Else:  Casually pushing baby strollers and walking dogs.

Me:  Jingling my keys to make extra noise to keep the bear at bay.

Everyone Else:  Listening to their iPods so they don’t have to hear me jingling my keys (or bears sneaking up on them).

I guess this city girl needs to relax a bit and enjoy this BC wilderness that Port Moody, BC has to offer…just as soon as the bears go back to hibernate.

UPDATE:  Read Bears in Port Moody Part 2

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