Mexican Snack Food

I am a huge popcorn lover, as many close friends and family can attest to.  And a recent article in the Toronto Sun reported on some research that states that popcorn is good for you.  After doing my dance of joy to the Popcorn Gods, I made myself an air-popped bowl of those healthy morsels.  Yes, the butter and salt added probably canceled out the health benefits but hey, it was a day of celebration and I wanted to treat myself.  And it got me thinking of how Armando eats popcorn because it’s not with salt and butter.  In fact, Armando’s snack foods often have a bit of a Mexican spin to them and I thought I would share some of them with you here.

Although not much of a late-night snacker, he will grab some of these every now and then:

Popcorn with lime juice and hot sauce

Peanuts with lime juice and chill powder

Cut up raw hot dogs with lime juice and hot sauce (this one gets a big “EWW” from me).

Do you see a theme here?

Ham with melted cheese on it (the heart just skips a beat on that one! But, I must admit, it tastes pretty darn good; it’s like a quesadilla without the carb-filled tortilla).

Kitkat bars (I have no idea where this one come from because he doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth, and fortunately he doesn’t put a Mexican spin to this one.  Imagine…lime juice with Kitkat bars?!).

Since I’ve outed him on his favourite snacks in Canada, I guess it’s only fair that I share my favourite Mexican snacks, minus a Canadian spin to them (What would a Canadian spin even be?  Add maple syrup ??):

Papitas – street vendor potato chips.  Think of potato chips in a bag but on steroids…extra large deep-fried potato slices with fresh squeezed lime juice and salt.




Tacos el Pastor – pork tacos with cilantro, pineapple, onion and salsa (best eaten as a late night snack from a taqueria).  In fact, I really wanted to have them at our wedding this past December and although it’s considered ‘street vendor food’, we got them and they were a hit!


Pays de Queso – Yes, it’s a Mexican McDonald’s secret – remember their deep-fried pies?  Well, Mexico still has them and they have one with a filling that’s kind of like a sweet cream cheese.  Unfortunately, a trip to Mexico now always requires a stop at a local McDonalds for these “heart attacks in a box”.


Do you have any weird or unusual snacks that you enjoy?

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