Marriage Revenge

So this blog post is about dimples, sexy smirks, sultry looks and a little marriage revenge. The actors in this real life drama are none other than myself, Armando, Matthew McConaughey (unbeknownst to him) and a surprise cameo.

It all starts with Armando’s love of magazines. The Economist (to keep him worldly), GQ (to keep him dapper) and Cigar Aficionado (to make him feel like a gentleman). I was sorting through and recycling his stack of magazines a couple months ago. As I was throwing each one into the recycling bin, a sexy smirk suddenly stared back at me on one of the covers.

“Well, hello Matthew!” That smirk. Those dimples. Those eyes. I instantly chose to save this Cigar Aficionado edition. It was my duty to save Matthew McConaughey from the recycling bin.

But where to put him? He deserved more than being lost in a pile of political cartoon covers of The Economist. Matthew could cheer me up on days that I needed a little smirk and intense eye stare in my direction. So up I propped the magazine on a stand on our bookshelf. It’s similar to propping up picture frames with pictures of family, right? It’s not weird, is it?

Actually, it was more of a joke, where I told Armando that when I am mad at him, Matthew will be there to smile at me and make me feel better. They say smiles are contagious and Matthew proved it to be true.

Cigar Aficionado magazine with Matthew McConaughey on the cover.

So other than the occasional eye roll, Armando seemed unfazed by Matthew being a permanent fixture in our household. #marriagegoals Little did I know but Armando was plotting for a little #marriagerevenge.

And that revenge happened a couple of months after Matthew joined our household. I walked past the bookshelf one day, and clearly needing a smile thrown my way, I glanced over at Matthew. But Matthew was nowhere to be seen! In fact, and against his will, he was hiding behind another magazine that was propped up and staring back at me.

Cineplex magazine with Jessica Chastain on the cover.

Yes. Jessica Chastain joined our household. Touché, Armando. Touché.

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