View of Santorini-Champagne with a blue domed church and whitewashed buildings built along the caldera cliffs.
Santorini, Greece

Back in the 90’s, I was supposed to go on a high school trip with my classmates to Greece. It would have been my first international flight. I was excited and nervous at the adventure that lay ahead only for it to be cancelled by the school a couple months prior to our departure. Since that time I have longed for Greece. And I have longed to eat baklava in Greece.  Baklava?

Baklava from Greece
Buttery, tasty baklava. Fact: I once went to a buffet that had baklava in the dessert section and just ate plates full of baklava. I may love baklava more than the Greeks!

When I was younger, my family attended the Greek pavilion during Folklorama in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Of all the pavilions we attended, I only remember the Greek one. Why? Well, it was my introduction to baklava. The sweet phyllo pastry deliciousness would soon make a regular appearance in our household as my Ukrainian mom decided she would channel a Greek mom and butter layers of phyllo to recreate what we had experienced. A few failed attempts later and we were eating near replica of what we had experienced at Folklorama. Baklava was a treat and thinking that there was a place in this world that would have baklava on every street corner was a divine thought! I imagined myself walking the streets in one of the longest inhabited areas in the world (Athens, in case you didn’t know) and eating baklava until my heart was content.

When I married Armando, we planned on having our honeymoon in Greece and Italy. How romantic! But, it never transpired. Perhaps it was because we were married in Mexico and vacationed there after we said our “I do’s” or maybe it was the other trips that just ended up happening that pushed Greece aside. We have travelled to amazing countries that would easily pass as “honeymoon” trips but I always jokingly bugged Armando that he has yet to take me on my honeymoon to Greece.

Well, 27 years later I am finally going to Greece! So excited that I will finally check this experience off my bucket list. And don’t say anything to Armando but he has not clued in that this is supposed to be our long awaited honeymoon trip that we have talked about throughout the years. So, I feel if he does not declare it as such, he will still owe me a honeymoon somewhere. Shhh, this is our little secret 😉

Our wedding picture on the beach in San José del Cabo.
Honeymoon…9 years later…here we come, Greece!