Exploring Singapore Food

As promised, here is a glimpse into the foods we saw in Singapore.  Singapore is known for their food options.  It’s vast and varied and available 24 hours.  They have high-end luxury options or if you’d rather go on our adventure, more colourful options…

The wet market makes for an interesting visit.  Although we didn’t eat there, we did enjoy watching the locals buy fresh fish, eels, shrimp, frogs and other creatures of the water for their dinners.

Chinatown Wet Market
At the Chinatown Wet Market, this vendor was grading the frogs and throwing them in the proper cage; higher grades in the 3 for $10 cage, lower grades in the 4 for $10 cage. See the frog flying in the air to his destiny?

Stopping in at a convenience store for some water, we couldn’t help but notice this…

Mashed Potatoes at 7-11 Singapore
…because everyone wants mashed potatoes-to-go, right?

We had to try Indian food in Little India.  Although not sure what everything was, it all tasted so good, some things a bit spicier than others.

Sakunthala's Restaurant, Little India, Singapore
At Sakunthala’s Restaurant, across the street from Mustafa Centre, Armando was excited to eat like the locals, with his hands.

Singapore is known for their Hawker Centres.  These are pretty much like food courts but have some interesting differences such as some vendors serve the food to you once you’ve placed your order and napkins can be obtained from people walking around selling them.  For people on a budget, hawker centres are THE place to eat.

Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice, Maxwell Road Hawker Centre
This is Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice station. The dish was actually endorsed by THE Anthony Bourdain! It must be good then, right?

A few Singaporeans that talked to us insisted that we try the Chicken Rice dish.  It has to be good if multiple people are recommending it so we thought we’d give it a try.  First rule at a hawker centre…go to the longest lineup.  Check.  Can you see Armando waiting in line above?

So this is the much talked about, Chicken Rice. Looks “blah”, doesn’t it? It actually has a bit more flavour than it looks but not much. Unfortunately, thumbs down from both of us.

Our favourite find in Singapore?  Well, at least my favourite find was the cook-it-yourself, Hum Jing Pangs.  They are deep-fried dough either with a 5-spice salt mixture on the outside or a sweet red bean paste filling on the inside.  The woman moved at a fast pace, rolling, stuffing and throwing the dough into the wok.  Then with large chopsticks, you need to fry them yourself, turning them as needed until they are nicely browned.  Then you take them out of the oil, throw them in icing sugar if you want and bag them yourself.  With the do-it-yourself method, it was so cheap, and so delicious!

Hum Jin Pang, Maxwell Road Hawker CentreG_1395
Armando cooking up some yummy Hum Jin Pangs. I’m salivating just thinking of them!

Singapore was a great stopover to adjust to the time change.  We ate well, slept well and were ready to take our comfort level down a notch as we headed to Myanmar…

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