Road Trip: Vancouver to Los Angeles 2013

Road Trip!
Road Trip! (Photo credit: -Snugg-)

Forty-eight hours ago I was planning on having a nice, quiet long weekend. But I am now waiting for my husband to get home and then we are picking up our friends and heading down south for the weekend.

Road Trip!
So there is a Stanley Kubrick Exhibition in Los Angeles.  I know who Stanley Kubrick is; he’s a director.  I’ve heard of his movies, The Shining, Clockwork Orange, Eyes Wide Shut, etc. but I must admit that I’ve never seen any of his movies.  Now my friends are huge fans of Mr. Kubrick and were trying to find flights down to LA this weekend to go and see the exhibit.  Long weekend.  Last Minute.  Ticket prices are through the roof.  My husband told them the cheapest way right now would be to drive.  So the next thing you know, Armando, Rosa, Jef and myself are driving down to LA to see the Stanley Kubrick exhibit.

That’s 20 hours of driving one way.  40 hours return.  We are doing it in 4 days.  Crazy!  Leaving in a matter of minutes.  Car got a good tune-up today.  Pillows are packed in the car.  With 4 drivers, we are driving through the night and should arrive in Los Angeles by dinner time tomorrow.

Cleaning, organizing, grocery shopping and everything else I planned on doing will have to wait for another day.  We’re going on an adventure!

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