Hot Dogs on a Fine China Plate

This weekend is Thanksgiving.  Family.  Turkey.  The good china.

Why does the good china only come out during special occasions?   It sits in the china cabinet collecting dust for most of the year, only to be enjoyed a handful of times.

And same goes with that special dress hanging in the back of the closet waiting for the next wedding invite to be worn.  If you love how you feel in the dress, why not wear it more?

I want to be able to put on that dress of mine that I feel spectacular in and walk to the grocery store to pick up my groceries.  In the middle of the week.  No special occasion.  And I want to come home and cook hot dogs and Kraft dinner and serve them on fine china plates.  With the silver cutlery.  And the cloth napkins.  Maybe light those pretty candles that are sitting there that I never want to burn.  Pop the cork of that $75 bottle of wine that we have been saving for a “special occasion”.  I don’t want to save things for a rainy day or that next family gathering.  What tomorrow will bring, I don’t know, so I want to enjoy things today.

All things should be enjoyed, appreciated and not taken for granted.  So promise me that next week you will enjoy your leftover turkey sandwich on a fine china plate because life is too short to not enjoy it that way.

Be thankful and Happy Thanksgiving!!

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