Faces on a Plane – How our Photo Ended Up on a KLM Plane

Faces on a Plane….no, it’s not a Samuel L. Jackson sequel to Snakes on a Plane.  The plane I’m talking about is none other than a KLM Royal Dutch Airline’s Boeing 777-200.  And the faces are none other than moi and mi Armando!  Can you believe it?!  Our faces on the outside of a KLM plane!  Now don’t get too excited…our picture will be among 3999 other pictures adorning this large transportation device.  But still!  How cool is that?!

A few months back, I entered an online contest with KLM called Tile & Inspire. Showcasing the famous Dutch Delft blue pottery designs on tiles, you were guided to select a tile design and then upload a photo of yourself onto the tile.  I knew how much Armando loves to fly, so I chose to upload a picture of the two of us.  It was a picture taken when we were on top of the Perito Moreno glacier in the Patagonia, Argentina.  One of our favorite trips to date.

A photo of the Dutch tile with the photo of Armando and myself with the words, "Life is an adventure; enjoy the ride!!" that was featured on a KLM Royal Dutch Airline's Boeing 777-200 plane.
The tile that I entered in KLM’s Tile & Inspire contest.

After you selected your tile design and photo, you had to enter an inspiring message that would be added to the tile; mine was, “Life is an adventure…enjoy the ride!”.  Once you were satisfied with your creation, you entered it into the contest where KLM reviewed all the entries and made their selections from all entered.  The selected tiles were then entered into a random draw where 4000 lucky entries got their design added to the outside of the KLM plane. 

The KLM plane that has a picture of myself and Armando on it.

So I didn’t win an iPod or money or a trip with the contest, but I’ll get to say I once had my face on a plane!  Sometimes ‘experiences’ are more memorable than material things and only 4000 of us will share this experience.  That’s pretty cool.  I just hope a bird doesn’t poop on my face!

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