Services include:


  • hospitality consultations – increase the Wow! factor for your Airbnb listing
  • customer service consultations – good customer service means repeat customers and good online reviews.


  • travel research – anything from hotels, Airbnbs and restaurants to local attractions, events and visa requirements
  • online research – You pick the topic!


  • blog writing
  • website content writing
  • copywriting

Boring Business Stuff:

  • website creation – using platforms such as WordPress or Shopify
  • administrative projects for small businesses – creating spreadsheets, templates, forms, etc.
  • Assistance with navigating government forms, processes and procedures
  • Anything else you may like to throw my way that I can try to help out with 🙂


The majority of my career has either been in the travel and hospitality industry or working with the federal government. This path has provided me with exceptional customer service, analytical and detail-oriented skills. I have experience in program administration and can interpret and apply complex policies, acts and procedures. Click here to check out my LinkedIn Profile.

But besides all that boring stuff, I have a fun, creative side that I like to use when I write. Click here to check out my blog. Or click here to check out previous work I did with a community and event website I wrote for regarding local events, businesses and community.

First Project Free!

If you have a small project that would take no more than a day or two to complete, send me your request and I will do it for free. Yes, free! It is an opportunity for you to experience my customer service, work ethic and the results I can provide. If you are happy with my work, I would love for you to provide a testimonial. Better yet, hire me for new projects to make your work day a bit lighter 🙂