Solution to the Vaccination Debate

So I have found a solution to the vaccination debate!

I find it interesting how my recent post on bullying has somehow thrown me into this topic of vaccination.  I became curious and over the last few days I have read information on both sides of the vaccination debate.  Here are some things I’ve determined:

– vaccinations can help prevent contracting terrible diseases

– the pro-vaccination people are not going to convince everyone that vaccination is the way to go.  That’s just reality.  Just like I can’t convince everyone that skydiving is a bad idea and they could die from it.  Or that chocolate and peanut butter is the best combination ever invented.  It’s just impossible to get 100% of the people on board with something, be it an important topic or a trivial one.

– fortunately, most children are immunized in North America (World Health Organization, WHO statistics)

– the bigger problem lies in poorer countries where people don’t have access to vaccines.  And that remains a problem for everyone because of the ease of travel.  A non-vax traveller (or even a vaccinated traveller) can contract a disease in a higher risk country and bring it back to their home country.

– posting articles or voicing opinions is a passive approach to this important topic.  It won’t stop a child from dying from a preventable disease.

So, here is my solution and a Call for Action:

You want more children to be vaccinated?  Don’t just talk about it.  Do something.  The majority of children that are not immunized live in poor countries.  These countries need help to get them vaccinated.  Help them.  The more children that get vaccinated, the larger the herd, the less deaths there will be.  Don’t focus your energy on the small few who have the means to vaccinate but choose not to.  Focus on the largest groups that want to be vaccinated but can’t.  Actions speak louder than words.

And I even did some research to make it easy for you to help get a child vaccinated:

Take a look at the Vaccine Delivery Strategy of the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation.  Among many other organizations that the foundation works with and provides grants to, it is the partnership they have with GAVI Alliance  that allows them to collaborate and reach their common goal of vaccinating all the children in the world.  Donate Here.

Make a difference.  Donate.  Get a child vaccinated.  You actually have the ability to do it.  Imagine that!  If those children had a dollar for every time someone voiced their opinion on vaccinations, then maybe they would be vaccinated by now.  And the anti-vaxxers can also help by making a donation, if not to vaccinations then to other health issues that contribute to child deaths.  There are many other organizations that the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation supports whose goal is to help children and others in need.  You can check them out here.

Stop debating and donate.

My husband and I did.



5 thoughts on “Solution to the Vaccination Debate

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  2. Before you jump to hasty conclusions, check out information provided by VRAN, Canada’s independent, not-for-profit source of vaccine info. Eg., read about recent effects of polio vaccine in India; two studies listed in the Science section, the effects of DPT vaccine injected together with measles vaccine in Guinea Bassau (increased mortality) and (increased morbidity, poor growth in girls); graphs showing the steady decline of mortality from various diseases prior to the introduction of mass vaccination programs; and an article about herd immunity
    Regards, Susan

  3. MORTALITY from vaccine-preventable diseases was dropping because of better access to antibiotics, emergency rooms, ICUs, etc. Don’t believe the anti-vax crank spin that these diseases were going away. For that, you need to look at MORBIDITY, not mortality. Polio’s peak year in the USA was 1952, right before the vaccine. Three thousand dead, 20,000 paralyzed. Anti-vaxers think you should be satisfied to live the rest of your life in an Iron Lung (instead of dying) instead of having everyone get vaccinated.

    • A good example of bullying. Marginalizing people as “anti-vaxers” and insisting they believe people should be satisfied with life in an iron lung is not the way to convince us that you are correct.

  4. Thank you for managing to remain objective in such a heated subject.

    I would like to call your attention to this website: This is a collection of published, peer-reviewed papers, as well as letters and comments by the author, who is head of pediatrics at St Joseph’s Hospital in Delhi, India.

    He is clearly not anti-vaccine–but he is extremely concerned about how serious Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) are not properly reported, resulting in terrible damage and sometimes death.

    According to him, there are 6,500 deaths from the pentavalent VACCINE (diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, hepatitis B, and Hib), per year, in India alone. And they’re going unrecognized and unreported.

    This is a doctor on the front lines, so to speak–head of pediatrics of a hospital, and he has had many studies and articles published.

    Please read everything on his site. It’s a lot, but I found it extremely eye-opening.

    Doctors and researchers are starting to speak out–not against the idea of vaccination, but against the way it has been corrupted, with patient safety sacrificed to the greed of the very powerful politics of the pharmaceutical industry. Many of those who speak out are subjected to the very bullying you have mentioned.

    If we hope to have an effective vaccination program, the vaccines that are ineffective (like the flu shot, and the current pertussis vaccine, due to pertussis mutation), or unnecessary (hepatitis B the first day of life, for babies in developed countries), should be withdrawn from the recommended schedule. Vaccines that have a high rate of adverse effects should be reformulated, and cases of AEFI should be more thoroughly examined; protocols should be put in place to screen for known predisposition to adverse reaction (and yes, there are several predispositions that are know, and no, there is absolutely NO screening program in place).

    Diagnostic criteria of diseases should not be changed at the same time as vaccine introduction, as happened with polio, and in some ways, has happened with most diseases, where a vaccinated person is deemed unable to “catch” a vaccine-preventable disease, and is neither tested for that disease, nor diagnosed with it, even if he presents as a textbook case. This results in preventably higher complication/mortality rates from those diseases, due to the fact that they are not correctly diagnosed in time for appropriate intervention.

    Thank you for your obvious concern over this difficult issue.

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