About Me

Born and raised in Manitoba, I was a shy, small town prairie girl who needed, as the Dixie Chicks would say, “Wide Open Spaces”  (I’m a closet country music fan who grew up listening to rap and hip-hop, go figure). I eventually moved to Calgary for a few years and then itching for something new, I went and sailed the ocean for a while, working on a cruise ship.

Sometimes life experiences are the best education and I learned a lot on my travels.   But life brought me back to the  prairies so I could meet my knight in shining armour.  Yes, they do exist!  After many heart breaks, and the unfailing belief that “he is out there somewhere”, he finally arrived in Calgary.  Armando, born and raised in Mexico with a drive to succeed, he had just received a job transfer with his company and moved to Cowtown…”to meet me”, he says is the reason for the pit stop in Calgary.  Two years later, he whisked me away to the West Coast where our new life is beginning.  He’s my computer geek.  My rock.  My husband.  My love.

We both share a passion for travel, food, the urban life, movies and Malbec wine.  But we can be very opposite in some aspects such as cultural differences,  risk taking, organizational skills, level of dedication to Angry Birds or gadgets in general and how to make guacamole.  Both very sensitive and stubborn, we definitely don’t see eye-to-eye at times and sometimes we chalk it up to, “Lost in Translation”.

This new life on the West Coast has resulted in many changes for me.  I’m adjusting and I’m thankful that Armando is a part of this new adventure.  I’m excited, nervous, stressed and optimistic of what lies ahead.  Sit back and enjoy the ride with me :)

2 responses to “About Me

  1. Took a while but I finally found your blog!! Message from the “French” girl in your “career class” at Douglas College!!

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